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More units of HP41CL


3 new units of HP41cl


We have three decent hp41c calculators and 3 hp41CL circuit ready for assembly. I know that some of you were waiting for the new batch of circuits to arrive - so, you can already order them.


These differ from the previous models just in the additional modules Monte has entered since. Let’s be honest - all the important ones were in long ago - the new ones being included are at the very end of the rarities camp.


While the HP-produced modules were the most useful models at the beginning, there have been some user-produced modules that I feel are even better. Let’s agree that probably the best module from HP was the Advantage module, which effectively made a new calculator of the HP41c - with all the features that then were missing from the HP 15c.


For programmers, though, the most useful one has to be the CCC module. However, this is very heavy in programming and less useful for general users.


In my opinion, Angel Martín’s Sandmath modules are the best companions you may have if you have any scientific work to do (among the Sandmath modules, the better the latter). In my HP41CL, I have “plugged” the Advantage module and the Sandmath module. I don’t feel I need more for what I do. And with that power at hand, I don’t need any of the next calculator models.


Another issue is when you teach your children. There, a Prime can come handy.

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