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Battery holder

Product no.: Battery holder

Battery holder case for the HP41 family of calculators

60.50 € *

User Manual for HP41c/cv - English

Product no.: Manual HP41c

25.00 € *
In stock

X-Memory module for HP41c/cv - Double

Product no.: HP XMemory - double

Rare Double Extended Memory for HP41c, HP41cv and HP41cx calculators

90.00 € *

HP-IL interface module for HP41c/cv/cx/cl

Product no.: HP 82160A

HP-IL interface module for the HP41 calculator family

100.00 € *

Infrared Module for HP41c

Product no.: HP 82242A

Infrared Module for the HP41C family of calculators, to be used with infrared printers HP82240A and HP82240B

165.00 € *

HP-IL cable loop

Product no.: HPILcable

HP-IL cable loop (includes 2 cables)

50.00 € *

HP82104A Card Reader

Product no.: Card reader

HP82104A Card Reader for HP41c family

70.00 € *
In stock

Card Reader (Optical Wand)

Product no.: Barcode reader

HP82153A Card Reader (Optical Wand) for the calculator HP41c family 

60.00 € *

Memory module for HP41c - USED

Product no.: HP Quad Memory

Quad Memory for HP41c calculators (256 registers)

25.00 € *
In stock

Full-nut processor

Full-nut processor - please select C or CV type, or installation in your machine

English 10.00 € *
In stock

HP 54501A Digitizing Oscilloscope

Product no.: HP 54501a

The HP 54501A Digitizing Oscilloscope is a general-purpose repetitive and real-time oscilloscope, fully programmable and transportable.

The HP54501A has a 100 MHz bandwidth and four input channels.

250.00 € *
Old price 350.00 €

Black Pioneer case

Product no.: PionCaseBlk
Case for Pioneer series calculators (hp 17bII, hp 42s, etc.) Also available in brown in a separate article
15.00 € *
In stock

New Lower Post Repair part

Product no.: Lowpostrepair

Piece to repair HP41c full nut series lower screw posts

25.00 € *
Still in stock

Keyboard support for repairs

Product no.: keyboard support

Piece required for the lower post repair of HP41c calculators.

25.00 € *
In stock

Battery holder 3D

Product no.: Battery holder 3D

Battery holder case for the HP41 family of calculators, made with 3D printing and springs in stainless steel 304

35.00 € *
In stock

New HP41c Port cover - 3D

Product no.: Port cover 3D

HP41c back port cover - 3D, nueva.

8.00 € *
In stock

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31 - 46 of 46 results