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HP41c case sponges


Now that I am starting to get involved with cases, there is the HP41 case that we need to deal with. 

As you know, the case is bigger than what is needed for the naked HP41 calculator. It was designed so that it could include also the card reader. Apparently HP management thought at the time that everyone would have a card reader. Anyway, they forced the whole customer base to carry a case that was bigger than it needed to be. So be it.

In order for the calculator not to dance within the case, HP filled it with a sponge, foam or whatever with the lenght of the card reade, but much thinner as it was intended to be in the lower part of the case. These sponges got lost in the cases where the user actually had a card reader, or just lost - period.

We are ordering a run of 100 of such sponges, should you want to pad your case as it was intended. The main reason is that when preparing HP41CL machines I cannot afford to send an "incomplete" item.

I will also put them on sale. I have noticed that the yellow sponges are not available in many foam producers, so I will use white color instead. Also higher density than the original. 

Please email to if you are interested in one!

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