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True leather case for the HP12c

We have ordered the first production batch of leather cases for the Voyager family of calculators - including the HP12c and HP15C.

The original vinyl cases of the early HP12c were very resistant - as well as the early Pioneer units (HP17bII and HP42s and the like). However, later versions were made of PE-leather, which is much less resistant than vinyl. I have several cases of HP15c Limited Edition and HP12c Anniversary Edition and both have a very bad aspect after 5 or 6 years of normal use. I will not post here pictures of said cases, lest anyone identify these cases with our new product.

Our plan is to contact all the customers that have bought a HP15C from us to offer the premium leather at a discount in the first place. It will be 25€ shipping included - everywhere in the world. Then we will offer the case to the rest of our customers.

The initial batch will be in black leather. However, we are testing other colours like brown and burgundy. First, black; then other colours. 

By the way: anyone interested on true leather HP41C case? 

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