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New upper and lower post pieces



We have designed new upper and lower post repair pieces, to replace the ones we were using. 

The original ones were flat (in the case of the lower post) or with a cylinder projecting down 3 mm (in the case of the upper post):


The lowe side was flat, with a hole so that the screws passed. All resistence to opening was provided by all the adhesive area. You also had to be careful with aligning piece with keyboard circuit holes.

The new piece requires the user to drill with a dremel tool for 3-4 mm more, and then you get a piece that "clips" to the keyboard circuit. The lenght is designed to do so:


The section is also slighthly angled too, so that when the screw comes in, it presses on the sides, securing even more the part. We have not seen any unit so far that fails. We still use E6000 adhesive, but curing is not as critical as with the previous model.

We are still under test - please specify if you want the old- proven piece or the new one. This also impacts the upper post repair piece!

Some more examples:


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