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Funcionamiento correcto tal y como se especifica en la descripción del producto
from on 4/17/2021
SY41CL: The most powerful computer-like calculator!!!
from on 7/30/2020
It is useless to refer to past experiences with hp 41C,CV and CX: the SY41CL is completely another world! Not only it has preinstalled all the modules of the previous HP, but many others and a great amount of memory, that give it a computing power in all areas, never seen before on such a small device, thanks to the use of FPGAs! You can assemble it yourself but I don't recommend you to give up the top-class service of The Calculator Store! I take my 41CL with me even when I go for a walk: you never know, such a computing power is useful in many different cases, even just as a notebook!!!
Giving 41CL less than 5 stars is... Don't deserve it!
Great calculator
from on 6/17/2020
Great calculator, purchased with excellent service from Jose.
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