Complete HP41CL

Complete HP41CL

Product no.: HP41CL-0005 (Originalbox: Serial Interface + cable + Time module)

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HP-41CL: excellent calculator.
from on 4/4/2019
My old and beloved HP-41CX, rated immortal, unfortunately died some day. José tried resusctiation, but alas to no avail.
It was replaced by a younger HP-41CL: superfast, all the blessings of the CX included, and rated immortal as well. I almost might forget the late CX.
Thanks José, your service is second tot none!
from on 3/20/2019
This Systemyde hp41cl is an absolute winner. Love it to bits. It will take me some time to explore all the in-built PAC's nooks and crannies, but I'm looking forward to that! Top notch service from José.
fantastic updating of HP-41CX
from on 2/28/2019
The 41CL is great.

The service from José here is second to none. Very helpful, nothing is too much trouble. Highly recommend buying from this site.
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Product no. Originalbox Status Price
HP41CL-0001 None
600.00 € *
HP41CL-0003 Serial interface
610.00 € *
HP41CL-0004 Serial interface + cable
630.00 € *
HP41CL-0005 Serial Interface + cable + Time module
690.00 € *
HP41CL-0008 Time module
660.00 € *
HP41CL-0011 Tall Keys - original box
660.00 € *
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HP41CL-0013 Tall Keys + Classic box + serial interface + cable + time module
790.00 € *
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Product Note Status Price
Time module for HP 41c/vc calcs - USED Time module for HP 41c/vc calcs - USED
HP Charger HP Charger
English 40.00 € * Notify on availability
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