Complete HP41CL

Complete HP41CL

Product no.: HP41CL-0004 (Originalbox: Serial interface + cable)

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I thought this machine was a legend before getting one
from Anonymous on 8/9/2017
if you like Pocket calculators, you like the HP41CX.
if you like the HP41CX, you will dream about the HP41CL.
- 50 times faster
- XXL memory
- almost all modules available
- a lot of additional functions
- serial PC interfacing

this is the place to get it :-)
from Anonymous on 11/18/2013

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Product no. Originalbox Status Price
HP41CL-0001 None
610.00 € *
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HP41CL-0003 Serial interface
640.00 € *
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HP41CL-0004 Serial interface + cable
650.00 € *
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HP41CL-0005 Serial Interface + cable + Time module
675.00 € *
HP41CL-0009 Tall keys
610.00 € *
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HP41CL-0006 Tall keys, Serial interface + cable
650.00 € *
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HP41CL-0010 Tall keys, Serial interface + cable, time module
750.00 € *
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Product Note Status Price
Time module for HP 41c/vc calcs - USED Time module for HP 41c/vc calcs - USED
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