Repair kit for HP-41c battery bay and expansion ports


Repair kit for HP-41c battery bay and expansion ports

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Excellent product!
from on 12/4/2019
Saved my HP-41CV. Easy to fit if you follow the instructions and take your time. Thank yo for stocking this item.
from on 11/27/2019
When my HP41CX broke down, I thought I would not be able to have it fixed at a reasonable price, given the date of production of the calculator. Then I found the Calculator Store site which provided the solution (to replace the flex PCB). I tried it and it worked perfectly for me. The process of installing is however a bit tricky and needs to take time to read carefully the instructions. They are detailed enough and have been recently updated and you can also find a tutorial on youtube.
Excellent, fits exactly and works very well (despite the application is a bit hard)
from on 9/7/2019
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Zebra connectors for HP41C repair Zebra connectors for HP41C repair
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