Some links obtained mainly from

Breakout (Egan Ford)
Columns (Beta) (Han)
Conway's game of life (Patrice)
Hangman (tgallo)
Lights Out (ArielPalazzesi)
Mastermind (tgallo)
Minehunt (LarsF)
Minesweeper (tgallo)
Pong (Tugdual)
Simon (tgallo)
Sokoban (Beta) (ArielPalazzes)
Solitaire - Baker's Game (Mark Power)

1 Utility for Games (Patrice)
Area of a Fan-Shaped Field (Baseball Field) (Eddie W. Shore)
Bisection Plus Program (Namir)
Calculate RL resistor for LEDs diodes (ArielPalazzesi)
HP Prime: Day Number of the Year (Eddie W. Shore)
DRAWICON4: 4 x 4 Pixel Picture drawn by Number (Eddie W. Shore )
Elastic Grids (Damien)
GRAPH 3D v2.2 (beta, now with trace) (han)
HP_PrimeCASplus (compsystems)
Newton's Method (Han)
Parallel Machine Calculations (jgreenb2)
PDQ Algorithm: Infinite precision best fraction within tolerance (Joe Horn)
QPI: convert decimal to p/q, ln(p/q), p/q*pi, e^(p/q), or sqrt(p/q) (Han)
Solving a Single Congruence Equation (Eddie W. Shore)
Rectangular to Polar Coordinate Conversion (Michael de Estrada)
Round a decimal value to fraction using Farey series (Patrice)
Vertical Curves (cdodds)

CHIP-8 virtual machine emulator (eried)
Demonstration program for using CAS with PPL (Michael de Estrada)
Fractals : Von Koch snowflake (Damien)
Fractals using Lindenmayer System (Patrice)
libhpcalcs: portable (Windows / MacOS X / Linux) connectivity kit library (debrouxl)
Mandelbrot Aproximation (Tugdual)
PrimeComm: Alternative Windows (Library/Console/GUI) utility to send/convert things (eried)
Some Graphics (Work in progress) (ArielPalazzesi)
Ulam Spiral (Tugdual)
Waterfall Animation (Eddie W. Shore)
Windows 7 on HP Prime (mic)