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News from Moravia


I spent some time the other day with a Moravia exacutive, talking about the current and future plans regarding HP calculators. As you may already know, from November 1 HP has licensed the calculator business to Royal (for the Americas) and Moravia (for EMEA and Asia). There are many things that cannot be said, but there are several things standing out.

- It seems that the licensees will move faster than HP - there are less layers of bureaucracy, and these guys have been many years in the industry.

- There is a team that will continue the development of the HP Prime - which is a very good calculator.

- The licensees (who have been distributing the HP brand for many years) know the many recent flops of HP product: the quality issues, etc. On the other hand, they are very much business driven - and therefore they have a clear view of the market and are less "romantic" than we are. Their product plans, however, will have "something" for us all.

- The semiconductor scarcity is impacting on the bringing back to market of some models.

As soon as I have a confirmation on the definitive line-up I will come back to you guys with the information!

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The future of HP Calculators

As you probably know, the calculator business of HP is now in the hands of both Royal in the US and Moravia for Europe, Africa and Asia. I have been talking with someone in Moravia about the future developments. The company also handles Revell and Sharp calculators for Europe, so apparently they know the business well. HP seems to be positioned at the top, but let's see.


On one side, it seems that there is a discontinued model that will be coming back: the beloved HP12c, which had been discontinued a couple of years ago, while the channel still has many leftover units. (The HP12C Platinum never left). When asked whether they would do the same with the HP15C, my source was not aware of it, but apparently there will be other launches. (Depite my love for the HP15C, I think that launching a HP42sII based on the body of the HP17BII+ would be a wiser move.

The HP35s is discontinued, although its re-production is not discarded. What is true is that there are exeedingly few units in the channels now - with no unit at Moravia's. 

I have just reserved my last unit to a customer that asked for it today. Take a look at what I think is one of the most beautiful HP calculators (although not one that I would be using all the time!)


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New Service - second hand equipment market

On the request of many customers, we have decided to open a forum dedicated to selling and buying old equipment. It seems that many of them have duplicated equipment that they want ot sell or exchange.



Here are the rules:


  1. This forum is devoted to the selling and buying of used equipment between registered users of the site.
  2. TheCalculatorStore bears no responsibility whatsoever regarding all businesses happening in the forum. 
  3. TheCalculatorStore reserves itself the right to remove any add without giving reason. 
  4. All operations are assumed to be customer-to-customer. 
  5. TheCalculatorStore does not levy any fee whatsoever from either seller or buyer. 
  6. Posts can be in any language the customer wants to use. 
  7. Inclusion of pictures is recommended. In case of difficulties, please send pictures to
On other grounds, no specific news on the news directions HP announced yesterday. Hope for the best. We were so close now for some exciting would be a pity to stop that close...
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