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nik mak
1/17/2012 11:41 PM

FS: 128KB RAMCard for HP 48 SX/GX

from Italy - 80,00 Euro + s.s.
I'm also interested in exchange for an HP 15C LE.

email: acrux AT_ linuxmail DOT_ org

128Kb RAM Card for HP 48 GX/SX Calculators

2001 Manifactured by Klotz Electronic (Germany)
As new, perfect condition and 100% working.

Additional info:
Can be added to the main memory (Merged Memory(*)) or used as an electronic disk (Memory Bank or Port).

(*) Merged Memory: user memory combined with the memory in card slot 1. You can have a maximum of 256KB memory by using the MERGE1 command with a 128KB RAM card inserted into card slot 1. (Remember that card slot 1 only sees 128KB of RAM.) This plus the default 128KB of user memory produces 256KB of merged memory. Card slot 2 cannot be merged.
nik mak 1/17/2012 11:50 PM

image (front/rear side):