Classic Calculators

Classic Calculators

HP designed the first portable scientific calculator with transcendent functions -the HP35- in 1973 . From there on, the HP laboratories created (in different locations) the best calculators during 20 years. HP was synonymous with advanced design, quality and reliability. They were standard equipment on the Space Shuttle, in Concorde, in nuclear submarines...

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10nF capacitor

Product no.: 10nFcap

10nF Capacitor to solder close to the screen of HP41c units before serial number 1954A to be able to use different processors (including the CL circuit by Monte Dalrymple) - 50v

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Assembled HP-41c battery bay and expansion ports module Flat

Product no.: Flex-PCB AssembledFlat

Assembled module for the often damaged flexible PCB in the battery bay (and I/O ports) of the HP-41c range of calculators. Shipping included in price for EU customers.

This is the FLAT version, when the screw head domes are broken and grinded down - see pictures.

New price: cheaper circuit translating to 10% lower price!

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In stock

HP82104A Card Reader

Product no.: Card reader[1]

HP82104A Card Reader for HP41c family

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Zebra + Lower post

Product no.: zebra+lowerpost

Set of zebra + lower post repair piece

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Old price 41.00 €
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Card reader repair

Product no.: card reader repair

Card reader repair

60.00 *

GMAC Pac for HP41c - USED

Product no.: HP41 GMAC module

GMAC Pac for HP41c calculators 

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46 - 51 of 51 results