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fully meets my expectations
from on 22/06/2020
I'm a fan of HP-Calculators, using them since the late 70th. So far the HP 50g was missed in my collection. Thanks for the piece in verry good conditions for a faire price.

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HP50gblackUsed-0001 calculator only
70.00 € *
HP50gblackUsed-0002 calculator+case
80.00 € *
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HP50gblackUsed-0003 calculator+user guide
80.00 € *
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HP50gblackUsed-0004 calculator+user guide+case
90.00 € *
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HP50gblackUsed-0005 calculator+user guide+case+USB cable
100.00 € *
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HP50gblackUsed-0006 calculator+user guide+case+usb cable+box
120.00 € *
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HP50gblackUsed-0007 calculator+user guide+case+box
90.00 € *
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