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The characteristic impedance of the Goertz MI cables in the order of 2 to 4 ohms closely matches the impedance of loudspeakers. Almost all other speaker cables have characteristic impedance ranging from 50 to 200 ohms, a mismatch which causes distortion due to signal reflections. Impedance matching primarily improves the clarity of the highs and upper mid-range, but many users have also experienced improvements in the lower mid-range. The cause seems to be that signal reflections caused by impedance mismatch enter the feedback loop of many amplifiers and disturb their ability to reproduce faithfully even lower frequency signals.
The low inductance and characteristic impedance of Goertz cables are due to their flat construction and the nature of their insulation and jacketing material. The configuration places the heavy, solid conductors only 0.003 inches apart. The cables are 0.4 or 0.8 inches wide, and only 0.04 inches thick. As thin as a penny.
Additional mods
  • Original Polycarbonate sleeve replaced by Nylon mesh - much less dielectric touching the cable.
  • Teflon film between ribbons eliminated to further reduce characteristic impedance.
  • Proprietary multi-step Deep Cryogenic treatment.
Supplied with a couple of zobel networks, in case it is used with solid state amplifiers that are not unconditionally stable.
Indicated specially for low-impedance in treble loudspeakers (electrostatics, ribbons, Gallo CDT tweeters). Impressive soundstage, deep bass and sweet treble. Fits perfectly with most tube amps.
Provided with banana connectors on both sides
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