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Why have we started producing the Voyager leather cases? or look at HP's late cases disaster!


Ignacio Sánchez asks me why have we started with the Voyager cases, and not with the much more sought-after HP41 cases. These are commanding 30€+ prices in the market - and that's for a 40 year old ugly vinyl case!

The reason was twofold. On one hand, it was a simpler model to produce, and being no leather expert and having to rely on a factory, let's start with a cheap, simple thing before commiting a big amount in tooling (the HP41 case is sibstantially more difficult)

On the other hand, those who have recent Voyagers must be very upset with what they have. There are many cases that are disintegrating. Here below we will show two cases, one that came with an original HP15c LE, and another that came with a recent, Atmel-powered HP12 (while it appears holding a 15c LE inside too!)


The case for the HP12c was notably worse (and I did not treat them wrong at all!!!): I can't wait to change it for something new. This is something you cannot lay on your office table!


If you have an early HP12c model (the three batteries, even the single CR2032 battery type), you have a case that stands the test of time. You are not in this circumstance. You don't need the new leather cases. But if you have one of the HP15C LE or later HP12C units, you will NEED the Calculator Store's leather Voyager case!! We will be receiving the initial batch next week already. See below how they look - a pity that we cannot use the HP logo!!

Voyager Case

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