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Two new old HP19bII

Just a brief reminder that we have two units of hp19bii available at the shop. These are wonderful machines (see my thoughts on this model here and here), with just the problem of the side battery door. Sadly, the back door model is much more rare, sought after and therefore expensive.

As many of you that have calculator collections, I use some at work; and again as many of you, I don’t use always the same one. I have been using the hp prime as of late, but after reading the fantastic HP19bii manual, I have taken my collection piece for this travel week. In my opinion, it has the best set of functions for an industrial company manager. Apart from all financial calculations, laid out in the best menu-driven system ever designed for calculators, there are other very practical functions:

  • Currency exchange (this is common with the last version of the hp17bii, that can be had in brand new version)
  • Unit conversion between imperial and metric. It includes the most relevant for a business person: length, area, weight…you don’t really want your daily calculator to perform cv to kW or energy to BTU conversions, do you?
  • Time. Apart from date calculations (number of days between two dates, etc.), it has a clock and a calendar and can be used as a true alarm clock. You can set several alarms, but it won’t replace your telephone as time manager. That could have been the case 30 years ago, but not now.

You can find the two units here: HP 19bII - USADA

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