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Tomcat battery prototype

image0-38We have received the first two halves of the Tomcat battery bay replacement. The initial tests with the Sub-C batteries show that it is a little tight in all directions for the batteries. We'll enlarge it . Both halves clipping together, on the other hand, works well as expected. Now we need to solder the terminals and it should be ready! anyone interested?

The prototype is in white but most likely the final units will be in black. Problem is, the parts are very expensive and I don't see it being below 50€ VAT included (20% cheaper if outside EU). On the other hand, the slimming that is needed (remember the little tightness inside?) can cut somehow the cost. In any case it is much better than the products I have seen in eBay.

This battery will work with HP92, HP97 calculators and diverse HP41c printers: HP82143A, HP 82162A IL printer, etc.

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