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Repairing calculators

This week end I repaired 4 HP41c. The pleasure of seeing again the "MEMORY LOST" label does not wear off, even after many repairs.

I found an alternate way for repairing slightly damaged upper and lower feet. By that I mean the case where it is held together well, but the thread has been broken and the screws do not bite and therefore do not hold pressure.

The method does not work on broken screw posts - only when the thread of the screws is not working anymore. The key is making either the screw thicker or the screw post caliber smaller.

In the past I have increased the thickness of the screw with white nylon tape. It improves a little but not too much.

What I have tried now is to use Loctite® type, applied with a brush, over the interior of the post, as far down as feasible with your brush. Then let it dry for a day. Then try again with the screws - now it bites again!!


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