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Prime: some pictures off an emulator

I am now trying the new Prime calculator. As I am not a teacher or a student (not that I miss when I was one), my review will verse above all on the areas I master. At this point in time, they are mainly finance, though as an engineer I remember most of the basic scientific areas.
All of the discussions will be based on RPN entry mode. I will only use the other modes when needed. As a difference with the wonderful HP39gII, the Prime does have an RPN entry mode. The RPN is like the one found in the 48-family, instead of the classic RPN found in previous calculators up to the hp42s. The key used for
Disclaimer - I have signed a confidentiality agreement, that allows me to use these items “for evaluation and demonstration”, and therefore I may not give any of them to anybody.
The user manual is a 555 pages affair. It is authoritative and covers quite well all areas for this calculator. We need to be aware all the time that this calculator covers a big part of the educational needs - from basic function learning to in-depth calculator assisted algebra, including some fairly advanced numerical programming. It has reference information for the many functions the calculator holds.
I find that drawing any simple formula is much faster than even in the HP50g, and much more interactive. For example, you just open the advanced graphing app, you type 'x^2+2y^2=1' and go to the graphing screen and here's what you get. No fuss, no tampering with things.
More tomorrow!
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