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New connectivity and virtual Prime calculator software!

New Prime software issued in December.

You remember probably that we announced a beta version of new connectivity software, and also virtual calculators, with the advantage of introducing Mac OS versions of both. So, for those of you that were using Windows virtual machines to be able to make it work, you need to run to the ftp site and retrieve the new versions to have MAC OS native Prime apps. And they do work well!

The FTP sites you can download it from are:

Quoting from Tim Wessman:

The connectivity kit and emulator are now supported on both windows and mac. The iOS/Android/Winstore versions will be downloaded through your normal phone update mechanism as they are approved by the various stores.

HP Prime Connectivity Kit Installer - Windows

HP Prime Virtual Calculator Installer - Windows 

HP Prime Connectivity Kit DMG - macOS

HP Prime Virtual Calculator DMG - macOS

This release is focused around getting macOS support, and all the store applications synchronized. There were some changes in the Core calculator code, but mostly this will be identical to the last release.

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