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More about the HP41 CL

Is it my ignorance on the subject, or do you share with me the impression that there is a lot going on on the small calculator world? We have mentioned recently 2 different HP15c clones, and the HP41CL, which was the subject of a prior blog. 

Here you have a link to the site. It is not so evident to find it from within !!

and here is a link to the manual. Please read if you want to commit your old 41C to surgery!

HP41CL manual

Some of the users of this new development are showing us the beauties and virtues of the HP41CL. Geoff Quickfall has made a couple of impressive videos demonstrating the features of this development:



Here you have a display of calculator speed comparisons between the old and new hp41. The speed difference is impressive!

(If you compare the quality of these videos, they are miles ahead of what you can see elsewhere regarding calculators- Not bad at all for someone starting to record them!!)


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