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Here you have: as appetizer, a small video of the newest HP calculator: Prime.



There are several very interesting capabilities, some never seen in a HP calculator:

  • 3.5 inches colour multitouch screen
  • Much better screen resolution than the HP50g
  • Lithium battery
  • click and rotate big keys
  • double wide Enter key (this seemed to be a worldwide desire of HP users)
  • RPN and algebraic modes for calculations
  • Same basic-flavour programming language as the HP39gII - absence of RPL.
While I enjoy programming in RPN (the simple tasks that we might find in our work) I never was able to master RPL. I mean, I could program simple things in it, but "bending" it to do things the way they are done in other programming languages, but never "entered" into the elegance of true RPL. My fault. But I will not be missing it.
Here is a picture of it. You will see that there is a metallic silver, that reminds me of the HP17bII+ silver edition. If it has been manfactured in the same factory, that would be good news - the general quality is better in the Kimpo factory than in others known for manufacturing caculators for HP. In particular, they are capable of doingthe best keyboards of the market. The HP17bII+ is an example of it. The HP15c LE is another.
and here is a picture of the HP17bII, so that you can compare the silver metallic finish:


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