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HP15c Limited Edition manual

Nowadays most of the calculator line comes with a starting guide and a CD with the manuals. If you want to read the manual "the old way", you had two practical options - print it or download it in your Ebook of choice as pdf document. I have tried the second - it is a pain. The best way is the computer, of course (some manuals can be ordered from HP itself).

Even the HP12c Anniversary comes with a starting guide. But not the new HP15c Limited Edition. It is clear to me that HP has gone out of their way to create the HP15c, including things that they are not including in other models (and that no other producer does in my experience):


As you can see, the manual is slightly bigger - but you need to remember that the original manuals were very small (same for all Voyager line). I have not an HP41c calculator at hand, but it seems to be roughly the same size.

There were three possibilities when HP set to do the manual: start anew, try the best photocopying device available or try to imitate the original in every possible way with current means. This was the alternative chosen.

All pages have the same content, including the numbering, but written in different (but similar) fonts. Some graphs have been scanned instead of re-done. They were grey-blue in the original, different shades of grey in the new one. Let's see some examples.

Pages 158-159 in the new manual:


Same pages in the old manual:

 (although it cannot be aprreciated, even the footnotes are the same!)

Pages 174 - 175


And, in the old manual:


It seems that the same process was not possible to do in time with the advanced functions manual. This is an excellent book, and should be read from cover to cover by anyone interested in mathematics and computing - regardless of the calculator you have!


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