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First run of Voyager cases finished!

Apparently there was demand for a true leather Voyager case. All the initial production run is gone. We have ordered a second run, which includes brown and Bourdeaux colors. 

image6The new colors are made of the same leather quality - just a different tint. 

If this is again successful, we will try with other models. The first that comes to mind is the Pioneer line: very similar design (but we need to take into account the slight wedge shape) and similar size. 

Other models are more complex - compared with the Pioneer or Voyager. If you look at one of them, it has several separate pieces, zippers and other parts that make them considerably more difficult to produce - and substantially more costly too. Probably it will not make too much sense to sell it if the price is too high. However, second hand cases like HP41c's command extremely high prices - like 40 dollars in some cases!

As we have explained, we also have ordered new sponges for the HP41 case

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