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Broken back piece vs integrated "flat" assembly battery part



As you know, we have two methods to repair the ubiquitous upper screw broken head support: the broken-back piece and the integral assembled "flat" piece.


If you have an original, working battery module, the only possible solution is to use the brokenback. Be sure of 1. putting a good deal of glue, and let it cure for at least 24h - 48 is better. And then, you will be able to assemble a number of times - but not many until it peels off again.

Now, if you can use the flat piece:


Then there is a much wider surface to adhere! it usually is a better solutiion. I'd first test it with the module in place but not glued, and pressing both calculator halves together with the batteries just to chekc it does work! Then you can adhere with E6000 glue, and wait 24 to 48 hours to cure.

Usually this is a better solution, since the piece holds better. I prefer it, but then I have more back in case something goes wrong. So far it has never happened.

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