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An eventful week

I have received this week information about two new products. Now we are getting more details: suggested retail price, packaging, distribution, number of units to be produced, date of distribution.

Both of them are exciting for a calculator lover - one of them beyond exciting. It will not be the "Costco" kind of product - both of them are intended to be premium items.

As well, one loved product has been discontinued - but not 100%. I will replenish my stocks, since it is one of my best sellers. There'll always be a customer for it.

Information that can be spilled:


  • Premium packaging and cases
  • Fully printed manual
  • high price - but much less than you had imagined
  • Fast !
  • just English version
  • CD with goodies


What - no pictures in my blog? No, this time I can't. 

I await sample units to test. All registered users (registering link on the left of the screen) will be emailed when available

HP's on a roll.

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