The HP41 Corner

The HP41 Corner

The HP41 Corner

The HP41c calculator, produced from 1979 until 1990, was the standard in engineering and sciences during most of its life. Programmable, alphanumeric, with a high contrast LCD screen, and expandable, it was a true computer in your pocket. Here is our web hommage to it.

Its capabilities could be extended by means of ROM modules with additional functions, and with interfaces it could use printers, plotters, mass storage devices, bar code readers, measurement instruments, etc.

Recently, the user community has developed both new software in ROMs (like the Sandmath family) and hardware: a circuit that substitutes the original and throroughly updates the calculator in terms of speed, memory and functions, including all known modules ever developed (the HP41CL from Monte Dalrymple)

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New HP41c Lower Post Repair Kit

Product no.: Lower Post Repair Kit

Set of pieces needed to repair successfully the lower posts of HP41C, 41CV and 41CX full nut calculators, including zebra connectors, lower post part, and keyboard support for clothes' pegs to protect the keyboard

55.00 *
Old price 62.00 €

New Zebra connectors for HP41C repair

Product no.: zebra pair

This piece is for repair of HP41c full nut calculator, substituting the damaged or corroded zebra connector that links the main board with the processor circuit. Pair

12.00 *
In stock

Battery holder 3D

Product no.: Battery holder 3D

Battery holder case for the HP41 family of calculators, made with 3D printing and springs in stainless steel 304 alloy

30.00 *
In stock

Complete HP41CL

HP41CL with the latest version of Systemyde circuit

650.00 *
In stock

New HP41c Port cover - 3D

Product no.: Port cover 3D

HP41c back port cover - 3D, new - set of 4.

30.00 / 4 piece(s) *
In stock

New Assembly kit for HP-41c battery bay and expansion ports

Parts for battery-back port module repair kit, or module assembled for the often damaged flexible PCB in the battery bay (and I/O ports) of the HP-41c range of calculators. Shipping included in price for EU customers. Please choose option!

65.00 *
In stock

HP41c battery holder spring

Product no.: Spring

Stainless steel 304 springs for HP41C battery holder

3.00 *
In stock

New HP41c Port cover - original

Product no.: Port cover

HP41c back port cover - original and used.

15.00 *
In stock

New zebra connector holder

Product no.: zebraholder

Zebra Holder to keep the elastomeric zebra connectors in the contacts between main board and processor circuit in the HP41c calculator family, full nut versions.

12.00 *
In stock

Piece for repair of back case of HP41C

Product no.: brokenback

1 Piece for repairing HP41c back cases.

This piece is for repair of HP41c back halves, specifically the support of the upper screw heads that is often damaged, and very difficult to repair in a lasting way.


10.00 *

New HP41c side cover

Product no.: Side Cover

HP41c side cover.

8.00 *
In stock

New Repair kit for HP-41c battery bay and expansion ports

Product no.: Flex-PCB

Repair kit for the often damaged flexible PCB in the battery bay (and I/O ports) of the HP-41c range of calculators. Shipping included in price.

38.00 *
In stock

Repaired HP41c back side

Product no.: HP41Cback

Repaired back side of HP41c. It can be used in case the original backside has the screw supports broken.

40.00 *
In stock

HP 41C Scientific Calculator - w/box - USED

Product no.: HP41C - USED

The HP-41C series are programmable, expandable, continuous memory handheld RPN calculators made by Hewlett-Packard from 1979 to 1990. The original model, HP-41C, was the first of its kind to offer alphanumeric display capabilities. Later came the HP-41CV, with 4 times the memory space.

This is a very good sample, perfectly working, with all port covers and no traces of rusting. Includes protective original bag, original box and German manuals.

165.00 *

X-Functions module for HP41c/cv - USED

Product no.: HP 5061-5256 - USED
40.00 *
In stock

Advantage Pac para HP41c/cv/cx - USED

Product no.: HP 5061-7285 - USED

After the introduction of the HP 15c, the HP41c, while being the only alphanumeric, expandable, I/O-capable calculator, was not anymore the best mathematical calculator. Therefore, HP set to implement the  best mathematical routines in the Advantage pac. It included integrals, solver, matrix, Time Value of Money routines, and much more.


100.00 *
Old price 110.00 €

HP41c Printer

Product no.: HP 82143a

The HP 82143A is a thermal printer that was connected to a slot of the HP-41 series calculators. This printer was introduced with the first hp 41c. At the time, it was the first calculator that could use an external printer - in the line of endless expandability.

This unit works flawlessly and comes with a nearly complete paper roll and a new one.

140.00 *
In stock

Thermal Paper for HP Printer - single roll

Product no.: HP-82175

Thermal Paper for HP calculator printers: (HP 82240a & b, HP-92 & HP-97, 82143a & HP-IL printer) single roll

2.00 *

X-Memory module for HP41c/cv - USED

Product no.: HP XMemory

Extended Memory for HP41c, HP41cv and HP41cx calculators

25.00 *

Battery holder

Product no.: Battery holder

Battery holder case for the HP41 family of calculators

60.50 *

Memory module for HP41c - USED

Product no.: HP Memory

Memory for HP41c calculators (64 registers)

10.00 *
In stock

User Manual for HP41c/cv - English

Product no.: Manual HP41c

25.00 *

X-Memory module for HP41c/cv - Double

Product no.: HP XMemory - double

Rare Double Extended Memory for HP41c, HP41cv and HP41cx calculators

90.00 *

HP-IL interface module for HP41c/cv/cx/cl

Product no.: HP 82160A

HP-IL interface module for the HP41 calculator family

100.00 *

Time module for HP 41c/vc calcs - USED

Product no.: HP 82182A - USED

Time module for HP 41c/vc calcs 

Infrared Module for HP41c

Product no.: HP 82242A

Infrared Module for the HP41C family of calculators, to be used with infrared printers HP82240A and HP82240B

165.00 *

HP41CL Install

Product no.: HP41CL Instalación

Installation and set up of HP41CL module in your HP41C, CV or CX

425.00 *
In stock

HP-IL cable loop

Product no.: HPILcable

HP-IL cable loop (includes 2 cables)

50.00 *

HP82104A Card Reader

Product no.: Card reader

HP82104A Card Reader for HP41c family

70.00 *

Card Reader (Optical Wand)

Product no.: Barcode reader

HP82153A Card Reader (Optical Wand) for the calculator HP41c family 

60.00 *
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1 - 30 of 39 results