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A great software repository for HP42s is the



QPI Approximate decimal numbers by fractions on various forms

Prime Number Factorisation Factorises integers up to 99 999 999

Miller-Rabin Primality Test Primality test for integers up to 999 999 999 999.

Big Factorial Aproximate factorials (N!) for N larger than 253.

Find the root, min and max of a function using Newton's algorithm

Find the roots of two nonlinear equations using Newton's algorithm

Find the roots of several nonlinear equations using Newton's algorithm

Multiple linear regression



Minehunt game Graphical minehunt game for the HP-42S

Okie Dokie Graphical puzzle game converted from the Atari 2600

The Caves Adaptation of a classic HP-41C game

Trek Star Trek game written originally for the HP-42S

Black Jack Black Jack game adatpted from the HP-41C


Programs for Free42s/Hp42s (taken from Thomas Okken website):

plot_orig.raw Original version of PLOT from the HP-42S manual.
Plots a function on an HP-82240 printer.
plot_thomas.raw Modified version of PLOT; like the original, with SOLVE support added.
miscfn.raw Original version of MISCFN from the HP-42S manual.
Calculates (x/360) * sin(3*x) + 1; used to demonstrate the PLOT program. Set DEG and ALL modes; in PLOT, use YMIN=-0.5, YMAX=2, AXIS=0, XMIN=-360, XMAX=360, XINC=45.
dplot_orig.raw Original version of DPLOT from the HP-42S manual.
dplot_thomas.raw Modified version of DPLOT; like the original, with SOLVE support added.
wave.raw Calculates sin(x) * sin(5*x). Used to demonstrate DPLOT.
Set DEG mode; in DPLOT, use YMIN=-1, YMAX=1, AXIS=0, XMIN=0, XMAX=180.
gc.raw SOLVE program to compute the Great Circle Distance between two points on the Earth. Coordinates should be entered in decimal degrees; distance is computed in kilometers.
sun.raw SOLVE program to compute the height of the sun above the horizon.
Variables used: TILT: the angle between the Earth's axis of rotation and the normal of the ecliptic (23.5 degrees); LAT: observer's latitude (use positive values for Northern latitudes, negative values for Southern latitudes); SEAS: the current season, given as an angle between 0 and 360 degrees, with 0 being mid-winter in the Northern hemisphere, 90 being the Northern Spring equinox, etc.; TOD: time of day (solar time, from 0-24, where 12 is noon; solar time differs from official time, depending on where you are within your time zone); HGHT: height of the sun above the horizon, in degrees; negative numbers mean nighttime.
prm_dec.raw Original version of Erik Ehrling's PRM? program.
NOTE: this program relies on decimal math, and will NOT produce correct results on Free42 Binary.
prm_bin.raw Modified version of PRM?; works with binary math, enabling it to run on Free42 Binary.
Before using, store 2^20 in "E6" and 2^40 in "E12" (you can use 2^26 and 2^52, respectively, too; that way the program can work with even larger numbers).
diag.raw Constructs band-diagonal matrices. Put the desired dimension in X, and put a vector containing the (off-)diagonal elements in Y. If the vector's length is odd, its middle element will go on the diagonal; if its length is even, the element just before the middle will go on the diagonal.
stress.raw Not actually a functional program; just contains all the HP-42S instructions with all legal types of arguments. I used this to test the "raw" mode program import/export in Free42.
mast.raw The classic Master Mind number-guessing game. Numbers can contain digits 1 to 6, with duplicates allowed. Results are displayed as B.W, with B the number of black pegs (right color AND right position), and W the number of white pegs (right color, wrong position). Use the "up" and "down" keys to scroll through the current game's history.
minehunt.raw Minehunt game, similar to the built-in game on the HP-48. By Erik Ehrling.
rtmin.raw A program that finds extrema and roots of arbitrary functions. Contributed by Namir Shammas; see here for documentation.
RootsEqns.raw A program that solves multiple nonlinear equations. Contributed by Namir Shammas; see here for documentation.
mlran.raw A program that performs multiple linear regression. Contributed by Namir Shammas; see here for documentation.
pi_dec.raw Calculates up to 1110 Digits of pi on the HP-41, more on a 42S. Put the desired number of digits in X and do XEQ "PI". When done, the digits of pi will be stored in register 04 and up. See here for documentation and the program listing.
NOTE: this program relies on decimal math, and will NOT produce correct results on Free42 Binary. Cadastral Program, contributed by Tony Nikkel.
(BlurbFlyerInstallation Instructions. Note: these materials are also included in the download package.)
aes.rawaesprep.raw Advanced Encryption Standard, contributed by Brett Stevens.
Program listing and documentation is here; the author's web page is here.
Note: the aesprep.raw file contains a program that initializes registers 00-63 and 90-153 as described in the documentation; the aes.raw file contains the AES code itself.
Base.raw ASCII, Hex, Decimal, and Binary conversions. See here for documentation. Contributed by Ton van de Burgt.
Convert.raw Unit conversions. See here for documentation. Contributed by Ton van de Burgt.
Finance.raw A collection of financial programs. See here for documentation. Contributed by Ton van de Burgt.
Triangle.raw Calculate the sides and angles of a triangle. See here for documentation. Contributed by Ton van de Burgt.
ses.rawsestest.raw Simultaneous Equation Solver, based on an RPL program by Mike Ingle. See here for documentation.
RealEigenvalues.raw Calculate real eigenvalues of a real-valued square matrix. Contributed by Pierre Gillet; see here for documentation.
G4_G3_G2.raw Solves 2nd, 3rd, and 4th order polynomials. using closed-form solutions. Contributed by Christian Vetterli.
STATISTICS.raw Statistics package, with four regression models, mean, standard deviation, median, extremes, chi-square and Student-t distributions, and more. There is some documentationhere. Contributed by William Solano.
days.raw Calculate the number of days between dates. Contributed by Russ Jones.
ntrp.raw Perform linear interpolation. Contributed by Russ Jones.
lrnc.raw Perform learning curve calculations. Contributed by Russ Jones.
mort.raw Perform mive value of money (annuity) calculations. Contributed by Russ Jones. SHOW replacement that displays the contents of X in Free42's full 25 digits of precision. Includes an annotated listing. Contributed by Glen Sanft. A collection of civil, road, and municipal programs. Contributed by Ken Delsnider.

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