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The HP 82143A is a thermal printer that was connected to a slot of the HP-41 series calculators. This printer was introduced with the first hp 41c. At the time, it was the first calculator that could use an external printer - in the line of endless expandability.

Later on there have been other printers - HP-IL and even infrared. I have not the HP IL printer to compare, but when compared with the current HP 82240B infrared printer, the HP 82143A is faster, much more silent, and produces output of the same quality. It cannot  be interfaced to any other calculator, from the HP17bII to HP50g, though.

This unit works flawlessly and comes with a nearly complete paper roll and a new one.

It comes with a charger for 110v voltage. Power adaptor can be added with a 10 € surcharge. The battery works and has clean contacts but does not hold charge for a lot of time!

Here is a link to the online manual:

HP 82143A Manual

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