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HP Prime

Product no.: HP Prime


New version G8X92AA !!  The only one that can accept the wireless dongle and the SmartStream 410 with Fourier Probes

HP Prime is the first color touch screens in the industry that today’s gadget savvy students can easily interact with.  

We are currently shipping this model all around Europe

135.00 € *
Old price 159.90 €

SmartStream 410

Product no.: NW278AA

Designed for use in math and science classes, the StreamSmart 410 connects real- world data to a student’s graphing calculator, with accurate and immediate real-time streaming.

Suited for use in a wide range of subjects, including: math, science, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry/pre-calculus, calculus, statistics, earth science, environmental science, physical science, physics, biology, and chemistry.

99.00 € *

50g Graphing Calculator

Put HP's ultimate graphing calculator to use. Perfect for surveying, engineering, math and science professionals and students. Make use of a powerful SD card slot. Work how you like with RPN4, Textbook and algebraic entry-system logic. Enjoy lots of usable space on the largest, high-contrast screen. Utilize USB and serial connectivity3, HP Solve5, structured programming and Computer Algebra System (CAS).


New Multi Language HP50g

We have created a pack of HP 50g + the multilingual package created by Andreas Möller. It also has the whole equation library (EQNLIB) translated to your language!

Apart from having all menus translated to your language, it bundles the TreeBuilder application - for us the most exciting way of organising your equation content.

114.95 € *

HP 35s Scientific Calculator

Get professional performance from the ultimate RPN scientific programmable calculator. Switch between RPN1 and algebraic entry-system logic at any time. The HP 35s features a two-line display, and the powerful HP Solve2 application.

54.90 € *

New HP 10bII+

Product no.: NW239AA

Get the answers you need quickly with the easy-to-learn and use HP10bll+ Financial Calculator. Whether you are a student or a practicing professional, the HP 10bll+ makes it easy to solve business, financial, statistical, and math calculations accurately and quickly, at a price that everyone can afford. The design packs plenty of features to make your work less complicated.

24.90 € *

HP 17bII+

Ideal for real estate, finance and business professionals, the HP 17bII+ features a simple keyboard, 250 menu-driven functions, RPN1 and algebraic entry-system logic. Its intelligent menu system allows you to concentrate on the problem, not on the calculator. 

After more than 20 years and 3 versions with different processors, its unsurpassed function set and user friendliness keeps the HP17bII in the to echelon of financial calculators.

89.90 € *

HP 39gs Graphical Calculator

Your ideal classroom graphing tool uses familiar algebraic entry-system logic and displays answers in symbolic, numeric and graphing views. Create and store custom Aplets with 256KB total RAM memory. Easily share data and connect to PCs.

79.90 € *

Wireless kit for HP Prime

Product no.: F0K65AA

Improve classroom interactivity and make learning easier with the HP Prime Wireless Kit,
which allows teachers to wirelessly push and pull content between the teacher PC and up to 30 HP Prime Graphing Calculators in a single classroom. Create and edit programs, exam configurations, and data sets on the teacher PC and send polls to and receive them from student calculators. View and project individual student calculator screens to the entire class.


550.00 € / 30 piece(s) *

Engineering class pack

Product no.: Pack ingeniería

Pack of 5 HP50g black calculators
484.00 € *

Engineering class pack 2: 10 hp50g for the price of 9

Product no.: Ingeniería 10x9

10 HP 50g for the price of just 9 !! Ideal offer for the whole class
900.00 € *

HP Prime + SmartStream 410

Product no.: Prime+Smartstream

HP Prime + SmartStream 410: the basis to create your own laboratory! 

You only need one or more Fourier probes with their cables to begin measuring!

Free delivery in the European Union



230.00 € *

Fourier Probes

Product no.: Probes

A full range of probes specifically designed to work with HP's Mobile Lab: Smartstream 410 + HP Prime or HP50g

English 9.00 € *
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