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As many of our customers are calculator collectors, we have created "collectors' packs".

This is the Financial Calculators Pack, which includes the 4 current financial calculators: HP10bII+, HP12c, HP12c Platinum, and HP17bII+

The bundle has a 20% discount over the list price.


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Product no.: HP10BII+#INT


Get the answers you need quickly with the easy-to-learn and use HP10bll+ Financial Calculator. Whether you are a student or a practicing professional, the HP 10bll+ makes it easy to solve business, financial, statistical, and math calculations accurately and quickly, at a price that everyone can afford. The design packs plenty of features to make your work less complicated.

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39.95 *

(Lenguaje: International, Case: Standard)

NEW VERSION! (available with true leather case)

Ideal for real estate, finance and business professionals, the HP 17bII+ features a simple keyboard, 250 menu-driven functions, RPN1 and algebraic entry-system logic. Its intelligent menu system allows you to concentrate on the problem, not on the calculator. 

After more than 20 years and 3 versions with different processors, its unsurpassed function set and user friendliness keeps the HP17bII in the to echelon of financial calculators.

1 piece(s)
89.95 *

(Lenguaje: International, Case: Standard)


More powerful and capable than ever, the HP 12c Platinum is up to 6 times faster with 4 times more memory than the original HP 12c. (the current HP 12c in this shop is a new model based in the ARM processor which is 25 times faster than the HP 12c Platinum) However, it takes up to 399 program lines, compared with just 99 of the plain 12c model.

Choose between RPN1 or algebraic entry-system logic, handle up to 80 cash flows and utilize over 130 built-in functions.

Now with the option of true leather case! (in addition to the original case)


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Old price 74.95 €
69.95 *

New (Lenguaje: International, Case: Standard)


The HP-12C is HP's longest and best-selling product, in continual production since its introduction in 1981. Due to its simple operation for key financial calculations, the calculator long ago became the de facto standard among financial professionals – for example, most investment banks issue HP-12Cs to the members of each incoming class of its investment banking analysts and associates. Option: True leather case!!

Made in the Philippines


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