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Tall keys, low serial number HP41CL

I have just received a tall key, low serial number (1940A02339) made in 1979, perfect state HP41c, that I plan to convert to HP41CL status. Please see it compared with another 1981 unit


As I have another tall key, low number HP41CL, I am not planning to keep both; also, I am less of a collector than many of you! I will send to the purchaser the original circuit too, so that he can claim to have it complete!

I had not seen such a low number before. And the calculator front is completely different - the pictures don’t do justice. Those of you having a normal HP41c, or even tall keys HP41c, know that the keypad has a kind of matte texture. This model is less brownish, and not textured at all. The white line framing the key pad is a little narrower. You may see it in the enclosed pictures, although lightning is far from professional.


Key feel is as good as any other tall keys 41c. Battery contacts were excellent, and it came with the balls that were intended for the charger. The state overall is excellent, with very minor dust specs in the scree, and nothing of that yellowish tint that appears in so many old units.

So, if you want to buy it, you’re able to do it in the HP41CL page, taking the option “1940A02339 tall keys”.


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