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A brief description of the HP41CL

We have now 3 more circuits to be built on HP41CV bodies. These were just uploaded with the very latest versions of all modules.

The news is that we have a Time Module available to create the ultimate classic calculator.

The first order will be shipped with an original HP41C oversized vinyl case. Next units will go with leather-like new cases.


For those that are not aware of the capabilities of this machine, here are some of its features:

  • All features of an HP-41CX except for the Time Module. CX Time functions (the soft- ware) are included, but a Time module plugged into a Port is required for full timer functionality. 
  • Full 600-register Extended Memory is built in.
  • Over 295 plug-in module images are built in. Functions are included to allow these images to be virtually plugged into a calculator Port and unplugged from a calculator Port.
  • Turbo mode, which allows the calculator to run at up to 50X normal speed. Actual values available are 2X, 5X, 10X, 20X and 50X.
  • Several empty pages (4K in length) of Flash memory are available for non-volatile storage.
  • 122 pages (4K in length) of RAM are available. All RAM is continuously powered.
  • A sophisticated Memory Management Unit (MMU) allows full access to the large physical memory.
  • Full bus compatibility for the Ports, allowing the use of any peripheral designed for the HP-41 system.
  • A full-duplex serial port is available when the optional serial connector is used. This optional connector uses a 2.5mm stereo jack mounted in a blank port cover.

Please see all options in the HP41CL page. Prices start at 625 EUR.

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