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Prime Firmware Comments

When will we have a new version of the HP prime firmware? The previous one comes from May, and it has been a real improvement in a number of areas.

First of all, stability. I have not suffered yet any calculator freeze or reboot with the new firmware. It was something that used to happen with previous firmwares, as soon as you put the calculator through its paces with CAS and other uses. Now this is a calculator that won’t fail you at work. I have seen reports of it failing - but mostly they refer to the Android version, and always related to low-level programming.

Secondly, there are many more functions. Now (please see yesterday blog installment) you can finally program the menus - although at a lower conceptual level than that I would have liked. But nevertheless, they allow you to do much more than was available at the beginning. Event recording is still limited, and we have to find our ways around the existing limitations - but we have people like Cyrille de Brévisson that helped creating the system and is still around to help (see discussions in related to limitations in the event handling stack ( 8 levels) and how to circumvent them through clever use of the available functions - wait(–1) instead of MOUSE) but let’s not delve deep on this subject - it deserves a blog installment devoted solely to event handling in the Prime, for which we gave an introduction with suitable program snippets yesterday.

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