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Any difficulties in upgrading HP Prime?


I have a windows 7 computer. It has several company policies that make it quite awkward to work with. In fact, I had some issues upgrading the computer connectivity kit to the latest recent version, and also the desktop HP Prime. The virtual calculator wouldn’t connect to the server; the updater in the connectivity kit, while connected to the virtual calculator, wouldn’t get the upgrade that was stored in my replicated driver - for some reason. These are the kind of things that never fail if you work on a plain vanilla PC - but until I upgrade the operating system of my Mac windows partition from XP to something better, I won’t be able to do it there. (Have I said already that my Mac has been my best ever XP platform, faster, stable and reliable?)

Well, I have found a better solution - restart from scratch. download the packages from a HP FTP site and run them directly from Windows, instead of running the application from the connectivity kit or the virtual calculator.

The ftp site is:

For those born after 1995, an FTP site is a primitive way of downloading and storing material in internet. It was one of the primitive protocols. If I’m not mistaken, it predates even HTTP!

To use, you just need to paste the line above in the the url text box of your browser. You will be asked to connect with username and password, or as a guest. Choose guest. From then, you can navigate the folder structure and grab what you need.

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