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2 HP41cL on offer

We have assembled two new HP41CL. Both of them have very nice screens - much better than the average you can buy in Ebay or similar. Both of them have clean keyboards, with good feel and responsiveness. Both of them have all port covers.

One of them has a small dent in the side, but it is really too small to be noticed in normal use. You can see it in the pictures enclosed.

Now that the Dollar is rising, and likely to continue to do so, this is an opportunity since the boards and the materials were bought when the dollar was low. Should we have to buy the cards again, it would cost 65 € more - so you can take the opportunity now and pocket the difference.

I have been using for a short while an original HP41cv - and there is no comparison whatsoever. Once you get used to the speed and features of the CL, even for day-to-day use, you can’t go back. Every small program you make takes ages to run. You get tired of little ducks crossing your screen again and again (I didn’t remember that duck since I started using the CL). Another beauty is not to worry about special functions. Most power users had the advantage pac and the PPC, or Hepax, or time module in their calculators - you can have them all at the same time, and still have all ports free for interfacing with HP-IL or other uses.

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