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Some news on HP calculators

41c_-_16Under new management there are plans to introduce more new products under the brand. However, the lack of semiconductors has delayed both new and old products, so that, for example, the HP12c will only be available in March 2023 again. 

The machines I have seen are produced in the Philippines and are made of good quality  - clearly better than the older two-batteries units that I have at home. Again, these are based on Atmel processors, but a different model than the previous one, with more memory.

Also the new owners of the brand have ownership of all printed material - they own the copyright! So it would be good to know which books you guys would be willing to buy if re-edited! In the current world of Amazon self-printing, it could be quite easy to be able to re-edit whichever manual we'd like.

So this is a question to you guys: which manual would you be willing to buy? In which language? (please remember that the copyright comprises all languages as well, and many were used by HP in its heyday)

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Fazal Majid |
RE: Some news on HP calculators
I'd prefer eBooks, preferably in ePub or PDF format, not feeding the Amazon Kindle monopoly.
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