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The original HP15C: the best HP product ever?

This week we have sold an original HP15c in bos, and in pristine shape. While I was reviewing its compact box, the instructive manual and the machine itself, I kept thinking that it was the best hp product ever.

Capable of inverting an 8x8 matrix, solving equation systems with complex numbers, and having all keys with three different functions (and in some cases 4), it has the most elegant logic of all units I have seen. Nothing is superfluous, nothing repeated, everything has a purpose. And it is compact and beautiful - the ideal lab calculator. 

Here are some pictures of it:




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Comentarios: 2

Fazal Majid |
RE: The original HP15C: the best HP product ever?
I still have mine from 1986. I agree it's the best HP calculator (I've had the HP-28C, 48SX, 95LX, 200LX, 33S, 35S, 49G, 50G and Prime since). The reason why is that it's got a feature set that fits in your mind, with the others, if you'd set them down for a few months or years, you've completely forgotten how to operate them afterwards, not so with the 15C. Also, beyond a certain level of complexity, you really should switch to Matlab or a CAS running on a computer or tablet.
Re: The original HP15C: the best HP product ever?
I have been comparing the new HP15C LE and the excellent original that I received (and consequently sold). While the Limited Edition is way faster than the original, and the key click more clear, there are some key misses or double keys - in all three units that I still have. However, the original never misses a beat, has a softer key feeling but still nice to the touch and the back is completely black - not metallic like the newer one. I much prefer the original - if I do not have to run any really complex problem involving matrices, complex numbers or integration. Then there is no comparison, we're talking of around 100+ times faster than the original!!
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