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Some press reactions to the HP12c, HP15c reissues

Let's begin with Engadget . They present a video of HP's Dennis Harm, and they talk about "1981 coolest calculator". They mention as well the HP15c reissue for those to which the 12c does not move. They coin the term "retrocalculation". One would have thought that it was coming from the results back to the original data!

Hypebeast compares the well-being of a 30 years old calculator with the early death of the HP tablet. It recalls as well that the original introduction price was 150 dollars - now it is 80 - negative inflation for a 100-fold speed improvement.

GearPatrol Shows as well the calculator with the same picture that appears everywhere. (It is surprising that a financial calculator is shwon with Pi in the screen. It is a feature the calculator does not have!). "Iconic dinance industry tool", they say. talks about the 30th anniversary and not the actula calculator. It was a surprise seeing a different picture from the rest of the bonch - since it is an old HP12c! You can see that it is an old model since the keys are shiny, as compared with the newer, matte-finish keys. (In the past, HP calculators had double-shot keys: both the key and the number were molded together - that is, the number was in the key plastic and could not be worn out or erased! Talk about quality and attention to detail!)

He goes on talking about his long-lasting unit from 1986. (Only 25 years old) Voyager family models were famous for their long lasting batteries - his have been changed just once since he bought it!

"With the rapid and untimely demise of the TouchPad, you might get the sense that HP isn’t very good at keeping its products alive", says ZDnet Mobile. "The interesting thing about the HP-12C is that HP never really anticipated it lasting so long. Expecting a two-year life for the device, HP was surprised to see that the HP-12C lasted much, much longer. Perhaps HP could learn a few things from the device and apply it to its tablet strategy."

Market Watch Shoes the standard HP press release

Michael Doan uses the Iphone for calculations, and confesses he was never a 12c man - he bought instead a 18c (see the site for an example), but he too likes the timeless design that lasts.

Lets include as well HP's historical video. 



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