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New units coming in

Several news in our products:

  • There is a new boxed HP41CL in pristine state. The screen is not yellowish, the box comes with all manuals and even the stickers for your overlays are there! Pictures will follow.

  • We have also a very good, side-battery door HP19bII, with original manual in French.

  • And a new HP42S, just received. The bezel has some nicks, but barely appreciable. I have been playing with it, and it has warmed again my heart to it. RPN at its best, without its problems (try to use matrixes in any other RPN calculator, except the HP15c)

I will post all three in the website as soon as I can take the corresponding pictures.

On a different subject: we are quite sad to not being able to offer a good transport arrangement to our overseas customers. Even shipping outside the European Union is getting increasingly complicated for small shipments like ours. In the past, we were used to close to no paperwork. Now, with tax administrations trying to get resources from wherever they can, procedures are much stricter and therefore expensive. We will have to increase substantially shipment costs to the US

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