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I found it!

If you read my last week's blog, I had forgotten at the office my HP15c Limited Edition. Together with the HP17bII+, they are my everyday calculators. And, until the European shipment arrives in late January 2012, I have no chances of getting it back!

Thanks God it was there! It seems that calculators are not attractive items for burglars anymore...

On another note, I received a message from a Chinese company where it asked us about our announcement in T3 magazine (the gadget specialists). What ???

It appears that it had a link to our site in a monthly list of desirable gadgets. A low punch calling HP "the touchpad makers"... 


November: HP-12C 30th anniversary calculator

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HP-12C 30th anniversary calculator

The TouchPad makers serve up this limited edition number cruncher. a programmable, retro gem that HP claims has been an office essential for finance and business folk for years.


Next November: Joby Gorillapod hybrid

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