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HP50g Blue no more!

No more HP50g blue!

As I have run out today of my last units of Hp50g blue, I have contacted my sources - only to discover that all stocks of any kind of HP50g have disappeared!

In a way, it has been a stupidity on our side not to build sufficient stock, now that it has been announced that the hp50g is going to be discontinued. All distributors are giving good prices on their black units - but apparently there are no more blue units.

Here you have a picture comparing both. While the black model has a more professional look, the blue had a much better contrast, and it was more in line with the style a student needs nowadays. From the functional point of view, both were exactly equal. I think that different versions of this model had different cases going with it - some in faux leather, some in different fabric qualities. I have one of each, but you cannot know it from the model number.


All of them could be connected (and can be connected, in the case of the black HP50g) with the StreamSmart 410 and its probes. I see this feature being advertised for the HP Prime, which is HP’s current interest - but there were other calculators that could use it, and which already had software developed for it.

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