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Two new HP 41CL alive!

DSC_0358_1Two new HP41CL have just seen the light!

One is an early tall keys machine. It is serial number 200900017 (so 9th week of 1980, which makes it a quite early unit). It is the type with flat keyboard surface (as opposed to the textured keyboard surface that appeared later until the end). This flat surface is very much alike the one in prior HP calculators, like 45, etc. (35 was grey instead - later HP turned to black for a more attractive finish). The screen is grey, not yellowish, as it should be.

The other is still old, (serial number 2103A03403) but it is already a low keys, textured-keyboard unit. This one is probably the best calculator I have ever seen. The keyboard feel is the best I have the pleasure to work with, the screen is excellent too. I have installed on it the virtual modules advantage pac and Sandmath 4*4 (the latest iteration from Angel Martin, nonexistent in any but the most recent hp41cl cards.

As a comment for those who say that the prices are expensive: to get these two excellent calculators (plus one more still in the works) we actually bought 5 of them, but two of them didn’t reach the standard we have set for these modified calculators. One of them was a 1949A… Serial number, so you can imagine my sadness. And you know how much hp41c calculators cost in the usual places. Of course, you can always send yours to refit (well, now that would take some time since We have finished all the world stocks, once the last calculator has been assembled)

Our standard:

  • Non corroded battery bay
  • Good screen: all digit segments can be seen with equal streght.
  • All port covers in good shape
  • Clean keyboard. You wouldn’t believe what we have seen. Ignacio has spent hours on end to get some calculator back in shape - and he has failed sometimes, due to all the dirt present.
  • Good keyboard feel. Usually, keys 1 and 2 may be a tad softer, but the click has to be clear and pleasurable in all of them

You can see a couple of pictures of the two new hp41cl calculators besides. Sorry for the bad lighting conditions, but the picture was taken on my desk late at night yesterday, when finishing them.

Please do not hesitate to send an email to to enquire for specific options for you calculator.


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