Ineresting app for the HP Prime and more Prime ...

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Ineresting app for the HP Prime and more Prime software


Here we’ll show to you an app for which probably the Prime was never intended - and for which many other tools (beginning with your telephone) are much better suited: a picture viewer.

The programmer has created an app that 1) works on the newest firmware (8151), 2) can make use of the pinch gestures to apply zoom to a picture, and 3) allows picture input through the connectivity app.

You can find it here:–3895.html

I have also talked before about This is a fantastic site also devoted to HP calculators, mainly based on RPL models, but which also has a department for the new Prime. It has the following program areas:

  • Documentation,
  • Games,
  • Graphics and Plotting,
  • Math,
  • Miscellaneous Applications,
  • PC Programs,
  • Programming Tools,
  • Science Apps,
  • Utilities

The whole can be found here

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