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The HP 41CL is back!

The HP-41CL is back!

There is a new batch of 41cl boards. I have ordered enough to liquidate my stock of hp 41c bodies.

There is even one boxed, with original manuals. It will command a higher price, though. Not decided yet.

For my personal use, I prepared a tall keys, early serial number hp41c, with time module. As I am now commuting between countries, it’s not the best equipment to travel with. That attribute is for the hp 15c LE, that gets in my jacket pocket. So the 41cl stays in Spain. I really miss the sweet keyboard when I'm abroad. The power of the resident calculator there (a Prime prototype, with the white back - these will be collector items in EBay in the future) does not make me forget how easy most tasks are with the 41CL (loaded with the advantage and Sandmath packs)

The boards will arrive early next week - finally.

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