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The amazing HP17bII financial calculator - 1

Don Shepherd is a well known calculator expert that usually posts in This forum is populated mainly by scientific calculator users, with a couple of exceptions that also have a little place in their heart for other types of calculators. Don is one of them. In particular, Don’s interests include the HP17bII, of which the HP17bII+ is the latest version. For me, it is the best current financial calculator; and fighting with the HP19bII for the “best ever” title. And it is incredibly flexible with its solver.

The reason of this blog issue is an article from Don that I have read while looking for additional solver programs. You can find it here:

Some examples of what Don managed to extract from the programming capabilities of the HP17bII+:

  • Sum of the digits of a number.
  • Convert from Digital to Binary
  • Convert from Decimal to Octal
  • Find out if a number is prime

This last one is below. A Zero result means the number is prime; any other number shows the first factor found.

fact = 0xL(j:0)+



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