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Shady Calculator Stories

Some sad stories in Ebay.

As many of you, I have been purchasing items in Ebay for both my own collection and for the shop. Most of the times you get good material - never a bargain, but what it is advertised. Then you find some guys that are quite liberal with adjectives - in particular, “working condition” and “good shape”. But in most cases they try to help.

But then you have a third type: those that give you a crappy product and then play with you. The aim is to dance with you until the 45 days period since the purchase has elapsed. A recent case comes to my mind. I bought an HP41c calculator sold as working. It took some time to arrive, in a plastic envelope, without any protection, dirty, battered, and, of course, not working. I paid for it “working” price, and it was in such a poor state that I did not venture into repairing it - I could have not sold it in such a state. I arranged the return of the calculator, which took some other days, since the delivery address was wrong, and then wait…and wait… and wait for the refund. “Do you want it in your account or in Paypal” “if in Paypal, then I need to put funds in it”. And then silence… the 45 days had elapsed.

Just in case you find him: the name is Pablo Alvarez Llinas, and his Ebay user name is beaviisb. In today’s world, anonymity is impossible. In linked he appears as working for HP Delivery Services.

I have another case, concerning an HP85 - but that’ll be the object of another installment of “shady calculator stories”

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Comments: 3

Steven Tucker |
RE: Shady Calculator Stories
Shady indeed!
I would suggest to make a PayPal claim instead of dealing directly with the seller. The seller then has 10 days to file a response and after that you can ask PayPal to make a judgement and refund as applicable
AFM . |
Re: Shady Calculator Stories
i'm sorry so much! thanks for advice. People must be careful with the photos in ebay, just now you can buy an 12c, but the photo is a 12cp, it smell realy bad.
Re: Shady Calculator Stories
There are also many items that have HP's original promotional pictures instead of pictures of the actual item.
Fortunately original HP calculators were very sturdy and difficult to damage - but....
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