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Several HP41cv and cx - Half nut!!

HP41 half nut units: CV and CX 

We have received some calculators: a couple of CV units and a CX unit - all of them half-nut. 

What is a half-nut unit? The original HP41 calculators were build with two circuits: one for the keyboard and screen and another for the processor. All parts were soldered through holes, the "old way".

Around 1985-1986 HP had developed far better circuit-making, and they developed a single circuit, surface mounted with just one IC. This model (which was done as C, CV and CX too) was called "half-nut", and the previous model was the renamed "full-nut". Performance of both is identical, but half-nuts have several more "failure modes" than the full-nuts!

We test all units with the test pack of the HP41CV Service module.

It is an opportunity to get a dependable, tested and revised HP41CV  or HP41CX with the full set of memory, 

You can add some of our modules that you can find in the HP41C corner.
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