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New HP41CLs available


Due to the complexity of getting the right shipment option for the hp41c battery repair kit (it depends on the stage you are in the order), we have decided to increase the price a little and include the shipping cost in it. This is particularly beneficial for those out of the European Union, since they save also VAT.

Now the ordering should be much easier. Orders have begun to come in, so it must be working better than before!

On another subject: during this week end, we assembled 2 new JP 41CL with the latest circuit, including the new modules from Systemyde and Angel Martin (namely the HP16c function set clone). So, there are now 1 tall keys, satin-keyboard HP41c and 2 low keys, rugged keyboard HP41c. On demand, we could assemble too an HP41c - but personally I have always preferred the white border of the c models than the yellow of the CV or CX. Screen and keyboard are top-notch in all cases. No original box available, sorry!

There are also two Time modules available, one with English manual, and the other with French manual and original box. These are sold at 120 € if demanded with any of the HP41CLs, 150 € otherwise.

(As a comment aside, some customers complain that they can find some items cheaper in internet - but please compare apples with apples: our products bear 21% VAT on the sales price, provided that the customer sits in the European Union - hence a significant difference! Most second-hand dealers in the action sites don't charge VAT (and don't pay charge VAT to their tax administration!)

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